Hi, friend! It's my desire to steward well what the Lord is teaching me about what it means to walk faithfully as a Christ-following woman. 

The main way I'm choosing to do this currently is through my blog, as well as weekly newsletters! I like to send weekly newsletters simply to share what I'm learning in any given season in regards to all the roles, responsibilities and the relationships the Lord has given me. 

I also try to be cognizant of how much time I spend on social media, and I feel like you probably care about that, too. In my opinion, newsletters are a great way to get some valuable information without having to sort through tons of scrolling. So I hope you find these highlights helpful! 

Always feel free to hit reply to the newsletters, too, and share your own tips or ask questions - I love connecting more personally with others.. Hope to hear from you soon, but no pressure - feel free to delete or open based on what catches your interest! 
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